Location Management Software

Enterprise-Level Cloud Mapping

  • Location-Based Notes & Incidents
  • DOT Maps & Asset Deployments
  • Real-Time Equipment Tracking
  • Upload any CAD Map or Drone Scan
  • Connect Data Feeds & Spreadsheets to Maps
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Site Manager, integrates CAD, BIM & GIS data with Real-Time Data feeds, such as Security Cameras, Heavy Equipment Location & Severe Weather alerts, within a simple & secure unified dashboard.

Software Features

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Operations: Location-Based Notes

Easily create location-based Notes & and share actionable, real-time information with team members and departments.

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Security: DOT, Camera & Incident Maps

Create location-based DOT staff maps to manage your deployments & connect your CCTV cameras to the map.  Security managers can upload positions with a CSV / Excel spreadsheet template. Easily connect your spreadsheet to the map by dragging and dropping locations.

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Management: Asset Management & Tracking

Track your Golf Carts, Fork Lifts and other dynamic assets around your event site. Generate usage reports and optimize operational efficiency.

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Mapping: Upload Any Map

You can upload almost any CAD Site Plan or Drone Scan into the Site Manager Dashboard. We can import plans from AutoCAD, Vectorworks, SketchUp or DroneDeploy.

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Data Feeds: Connect Data Feeds & Spreadsheets

Site Manager has the ability to export locations, assets and DOT plans into spreadsheets. You can link these spreadsheets dynamically, creating a two-way flow in and out of your system.

It's As Easy As...


Upload Your CAD Site Plan

Teams continue to plan and map their sites using AutoCAD, SketchUp or Vectorworks. Any Architect or Draftsman can easily upload a PDF or DWG into our system. All we need is the address.


Set Up Your Map

Easily set up your map by creating programmable Locations and Smart Assets for your team to engage with and plan around.


Share Your Map with Your Team

As soon as the map has been uploaded, your team will have access to the latest site plan. Users can make notes, request revisions and monitor the data sources in real-time.

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