CCTV and
Command Centers

Fully Managed CCTV Systems

  • PTZ and Fixed Focus Cameras
  • Industry Leading VMS
  • Experienced CCTV Operators
  • Video Walls
  • Strategy and Assessments
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Safety & Security

Mass gatherings are targets for bad actors, it is a fact of life. Keep your fans and staff safe with our CCTV services. Our operators have backgrounds in law enforcement so they know what to look for and they know how to interact with local agencies on site. Deliver emergency messaging over your PA system with our Emergency Operations Paging System.


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CCTV Surveillance Networks

  • Secure Camera & Network Deployments
  • Rapid Deployment Camera Networks
  • Command Center Deployments
  • Camera Operators
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Command Centers

  • Self-Contained rapid response Command Centers
  • Complete Operational Control
  • Daily & Long-Term Rentals
  • Video Walls
  • Camera & Dispatch Operators
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Emergency Operations Paging System

  • Allows Authorized Emergency Operations Professionals to Page All Patrons Over Stage PA Systems
  • Easy to Use VoIP Handset with Push Button Simplicity
  • Integrates Natively with CES Networks
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