4G/5G Private LTE

Next Gen Wireless Technology

  • Improved Security
  • Enhanced Mobility and Range
  • Mitigate Wireless Interference Issues
  • SIM Based Authentication
  • eSIM Support
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Software Features

Having reliable connectivity at events is a necessity for modern festivals and events. However, it can have significant logistical or budgetary challenges. To enhance our best-in-class services, we have added Private Cellular Networks utilizing the licensed CBRS frequency range to our offerings as a solution for these situations.


Large Coverage Area

  • Cover entire event sites with only a few radios
  • Reliable connectivity more than 1000' from antennas
  • Connect up to 100 devices per access point

Reliable Connections

  • Free from interference of unlicensed WiFi spectrum
  • Directly connect compatible tablets or mobile devices with SIM cards
  • Portable hotspots to deliver WiFi to legacy devices

Reduce Costs

  • Less equipment required versus a traditional WiFi Network
  • Fewer technicians for installation reduces up front costs
  • Minimal power requirements
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